We offer a number of reproductions by some of our artists.

Jessie Edwards

Jessie Edwards, "Crescent Beach"Jessie Edwards, "Crescent Beach in Fog"Jessie Edwards, "Along Corn Neck Road"Jessie Edwards, "Path Through The Dunes"Jessie Edwards, "Interior View"Jessie Edwards, "Across Sachem Pond( the North Light)"Jessie Edwards, "Victorian View"Jessie Edwards, "Old Harbor View"Jessie Edwards, "Coast Guard Station"Jessie Edwards, "Pete's Bass"Jessie Edwards, "Back of the Narragansett Inn"Jessie Edwards, "Blue Flag Iris"Jessie Edwards, "Haybales and Roses - Pilot Hill"

Fred Poisson

Fred PoissonFred PoissonFred PoissonFred PoissonFred PoissonFred PoissonFred PoissonFred Poisson

Sandra Swan

Sandra Swan, "Barge 300"Sandra Swan, "The Ocean Fishing Boat"Sandra Swan, "Betty B"Sandra Swan, "Coast Guard Station"Sandra Swan, "Payne Farm Truck"Sandra Swan, "Barn"Sandra Swan, "Horse and Rider"Sandra Swan, "Sprague Farm Horses"Sandra Swan, "Shad Tree Grove - Block Island"Sandra Swan, "Gull"Sandra Swan, "Yankee"Sandra Swan, "Linda and Laura"Sandra Swan, "Lifeboat"

Gillian Stevens

Gillian Stevens, "Empire Theatre"Gillian Stevens, "King Spa Building"

William Skardon

William Skardon, "Tuna Club"

William Skardon, “Tuna Club”, giclee print, 16″ x 22″ (approx), edition of 100 $350.00 unmatted $395.00 matted




Danforth lamps

Danforth, fine pewter handcrafted in Vermont, from left to right: Shallot Oil Lamp,11″x 3 3/4″, discontinued / Large Mariner Oil Lamp,14 1/2″ x 6 1/4″, $195.00 / Scallion Oil Lamp, 5 3/4″ x 2 3/4″, $100.00 / Small Mariner Oil Lamp, 10″ x 4 1/4″, $170.00