Gerard Blouin

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Henry David Thoreau once said there are mornings when the world seems to begin anew. Thoreau certainly had a painter’s instincts. “The dimensions of time and space are changed by unique light conditions, especially early and late in the day. These are the conditions that I find most demanding and most rewarding to paint.” As a long time student of American Realism and American Impressionism, Gerard’s landscapes begin with a plein air study. “I paint outside throughout the year in all kinds of weather. Only through direct observation am I able to capture the ever changing colors and moods of the landscape.”
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Hidden Garden
Hidden Garden, oil on linen, 10" x 12"

As a committed environmentalist and experienced outdoorsman, Gerard has forged a strong bond with the land and water as well as the people who work in and with the environment. “Growing up in Maine, I became addicted to watching the colors of the land, sky, ocean and rivers and I developed a respect for the folks who earn their living outside, especially the farmers and fisherman. My heroes were the artists who portrayed that land and lifestyle. There is a special magic when people and the landscape come together and create a unique synergy of action, form, light and color.”

Gerard is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. After a successful career as a designer, art director and communications manager for a number of companies, Gerard now devotes his energies to painting. He maintains a studio in Holden, Massachusetts and travels frequently to paint.