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Jessie Edwards' work has been described as "a veritable celebration of Block Island," and, indeed the prevalent theme in her work is a fundamental love and respect for her surroundings. Edwards' work pulls the viewer in at once to share the unique and simple beauty of the island's charm.
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Lakeside Dr.
Lakeside Drive~ Early Spring, oil on panel, 8" x 10"

Her primary medium has been the monotype, a print process that begins with a sketch which is then painted in oils on a piece of glass. After the painting is completed and while the paint is still wet, she presses paper onto the glass and rubs the back of the paper to trasnsfer the image to create one unique print. "The monotype is spontaneous," Edwards says. "It has an element of surprise." It is this spontaneity and element of surprise which make her paintings eternally refreshing and give them a life of their own.

Edwards also works in ink , watercolor, and most recently in oil on canvas and prepared panel.

In her landscapes, the sky is always a dynamic presence, with clouds scudding over the quiet fields, the rippling waters, and the gently wiind-blown dune grass. Edwards connects this outside world to the inside world of her interiors and still-lifes through the use of the same unique perspective and vivid colors. Often, behind a still-life is a window with a glimpse of the fields or the sea.

The domestic order seen in Edwards' interiors depends on an asymemetrical harmony of elements. Small vases are arranged on a table, a white porcelain bowl brims with vivd deep-purple eggplant and orange winter squash, and vases hold vibrant tulips and narcissus.