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"Energy is eternal delight," observed William Blake. This sense of an enduring life force is immediately apparent in the work of Briggs Whiteford. Her landscapes, some with figures, convey the spontaneity of the moment in which she is both an observer and a participant. She hopes to connect us to those moments of perception and feeling that are both dynamic and meditative. For this reason, all Briggs's work is done en plein air. "I believe I have to paint from life -- to be in the experience, to be connected to the energy of the moment." (continued below image)

Melon Fields in Les Milles, oil on canvas; 12" x 16"

Through her use of bold brush strokes and deep, vivid colors, light and movement emanate from Briggs's canvases and emphasize her belief in the vital harmony between man and nature. She has painted on Block Island, coastal South Carolina, in the south of France, New Zealand, and in West Guinea, Africa.

Briggs has been painting in water colors and oils for over twenty - five years. She studied art at SUNY Purchase and has been an apprentice to artists in New York City and France. Her work has been seen in numerous galleries in the Northeast and in private collections.