Black and White Photographer James Duval is fascinated by the transformative and elusive atmospheric qualities of fog. His images are studies of the ways in which, paradoxically, fog veils the landscape yet reveals the enigmatic and mysterious aspects of familiar places. Duval makes atmosphere his subject and evokes scenes of rare stillness and quiet that fog, like a snowstorm, induces. His images are many - textured. By photographing in the fog using high speed black and white film, Duval produces images that have the texture of charcoal drawings. He feels that our senses are awakened rather than muted by fog.

"For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed the days where everyone else is indoors. A day on the beach just after a storm blew through with the sky still gray, wind blowing, and the ocean rough, but the surrounding landscape seemed so peaceful. Then I started to photograph in foggy conditions to create a more atmospheric image. A scene where it feels like you're the only one here, but not a feeling of solitude or isolation." -excerpt from the Artist's Statement

Coast Guard Station, ultrachrome, 30" x 40"
$800.00 framed
Also available in smaller sizes