Kate Knapp

Knapp paints her canvases in expressive, vibrant colors with generous brushwork and a focus on form and shape. Her still lifes include unique compositions of fish, fruit, or lobster in an array of shapes and designs. Her palette is often rich in purples and blues, and even the softer colors in the skies of her landscapes glow with a sense of life. Her confident treatment of light gives a real sensation of the brightness and shadows in her striking depictions of Block Island bluffs and the porches of old hotels. Knapp’s paintings are a testament to the energy of color and the emotion of the visual world.

I am interested in expressing my emotions through the visual study of the world around me. Color is the most important part of my work. I believe that all things in nature have a life force of their own and try to channel that on to the canvas. I am inspired by all artists who through the integrity of their work have heightened my awareness of the visual experience. -excerpt from the Artist’s Statement

Kate Knapp ~ New Paintings of Block Island

Kate Knapp ~ Studies in Light

Kate Knapp ~ Recent Paintings