Tom Martinelli

“Though I work quite deliberately, employing both traditional and innovative techniques, I approach each piece of work with my fingers crossed wishing for a successful outcome.  I am often surprised at the shapes and forms that begin to appear in my work. I am always happy to be introduced to them. I strive to make sense visually, and hope the poetry will follow.” – Artist Statement

Born and raised in Providence, RI, Tom Martinelli has been living in Newport for the past twenty years.

A housepainter by trade, his love of color and texture led him naturally to experiment with painting and sculpture.  Without any formal training, this self taught artist used his instinctive and intuitive eye to develop his technique and explore new approaches.

Using a variety of methods and processes, he attempts to keep consistency in each piece.   Beginning by building layers with palette knives, brushes, sponges and torches, he then uses oil, wax, and fire complete the process.

Moved by his love of nature and the outdoors, Sachuest Point, The Norman Bird Sanctuary and Block Island are the inspiration for many of his pieces.