CURRENTLY we are open  limited hours and encouraging appointments (for our masked guests) and please stay tuned to changes and more events coming up.



Winter Light
New work by artists in Jessie Edwards Studio captures the subtle qualities of light cast by the low angle of the winter sun.



20 x 20
June 26 – July 8th
Group exhibit of 20 works that all measure 20 x 20″. Join us for our first Virtual opening and reception June 27th and if you are on the island we encourage you to make a reservation to view the exhibit which will be hanging in the gallery from June 26th through July 8th.


Whitney Knapp Bowditch – ISLANDSCAPES
July 10th – July 22nd
The Virtual exhibit will be up July 11th and the physical show will hang beginning July 10th. We are taking it slowly due to the pandemic and welcome reservations to visit the gallery and enjoy the newest work by Ms Bowditch.


Kate Knapp – Block Island, Changing Light
July 31st – August 12th
The virtual exhibit will be available August 1st and the show will be hanging from July 31st in the gallery for visitors on the island to view in person. We encourage reservations to view the latest work by Ms Knapp.


Heidi Palmer and Stephan Haley – Paintings, Monotypes, and Monoprints by Two
August 14th – August 26th
The virtual exhibit will be up online August 15th and we will have the show hanging by these two artists August 14th for viewing in person. We encourage appointments for gallery visits and looking forward to seeing you.




Not-So-Chilly Scenes of Winter in Jessie Edwards Studio

Warmth and light through the dark and cold days of winter can found in recent works by artists in Jessie Edwards Studio.



Annual Memorial Day Weekend Open House
May 25-26
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm
Join us to open our 23rd season with new works by gallery artists. In addition, there are hand-carved antique-style shorebirds, hand-blown glass, and jewelry.


Cynthia Guild ~ At Sea
June 28 – July 10
Opening reception: June 29 5-7pm
For Cynthia Guild, freighters are visual metaphors for the strength, will power, and simultaneously, the vulnerability that shape the journey of an individual’s lifetime, much like the passages of ships on the sea.


Whitney Knapp Bowditch ~ Summerscapes
July 12 – 24
Opening reception: July 13 5-7pm
The physical properties of paint and the infinite ways it can applied to different surfaces fascinates Bowditch. In many recent works, she strives to integrate the ways in which the subtle, transitory qualities of the sky affect our perceptions of the land and sea.


Kate Knapp ~ Recent Work
July 26 – August 7
Opening reception: July 27  5-7pm
Knapp’s eye loves the landscape of Block Island. She finds more inspiration here than anywhere else she has painted. “Every new year and new season, I paint a light effect or a familiar view in a way I have never seen it before.”


Carrie Megan ~ Summer Reflections
August 9-21
Opening reception: August 10   5-7pm
Through the rich medium of oils, Megan explores light and color to capture the unique sense of place, time, and emotion evoked by the landscape, particularly that of the diverse environment of New England from its mountains to the sea.


William T. Hall ~ Island Maritime Paintings
August 23-September 4
Opening reception: August 24  5-7pm
Hall’s paintings of old Block Island ferries, such as the Quonset, the Yankee, and the Sprigg Carroll, recall the maritime history of travel to and from the island.


Group Show ~ Rocking the Rocks
Fall 2019
Art meets geology in this group show. Rocks from pebbles to boulders abound. They are in carefully-balanced stacks, scattered on the shoreline, and washed by tidal pools. They are covered by moss and mussels, bathed in moonlight, and bleached by the sun. They are perches for shorebirds; sofas for seals. They form breakwaters and serve as landmarks along the coast.  They are the bedrock of Block Island.



Peter Gish ~ Recent Work in Oil and Watercolor

August 24-September 5
Opening Reception August 25, 5-7pm



Kate Knapp  ~  New Paintings of Block Island

August 3-August 15
Opening Reception August 4,  5-7pm



William T. Hall ~ Historic Perspectives of Block Island

July 20-August 1
Opening Reception July 21, 5-7pm



Whitney Knapp Bowditch ~  Drawings and Paintings of Block Island

July 6-July 18
Opening Reception July 7, 5-7pm



Heidi Palmer  ~  Island View

June 22-July 4
Opening Reception June 23,  5-7pm


Annual Memorial Day Weekend Open House 

May 26th-27th 10-5pm
Join us to kick off our 22nd season with new works by gallery artists plus a new reproduction – “Dune Shadows” by Jessie Edwards.



Sarah Bird ~ Turning Inward
In winter, Sarah Bird turns inward to concentrate on capturing the essence of whatever attracts her eye. Her recent oil on panel still lifes and landscapes reflect her reactions to the particular time of year.



Kate Knapp ~ New Cityscapes and Still Lifes
A selection of new oil paintings.  Patterns are the unifying theme of this exhibition: the patterns may exist in colorful cloths in still-lifes, or they may be patterns Knapp discovers in nature, or on a structure, a roofline, or even in a grid on a crosswalk on a city street. These are works of the winter. By summer, Knapp will have a new trove of oils on view at the Jessie Edwards Studio.


Heidi Palmer ~ Light, Time, and Place
New works in oil and monotype by Heidi Palmer. While Palmer has long been known for her luminous oils-on-canvas, she has recently returned to printmaking, in which she majored in college. In these oils and monotypes, the quality of the light defines the form and mood or atmosphere, drawing the viewer into the sense of place and time of each piece.




Holiday Shopping Stroll 2017
November 24 – November 26
New works in oil by Sarah Bird, Whitney Knapp Bowditch, and Heidi Palmer.   In addition to the works in this exhibit, there are many paintings, prints, drawings, and pottery on sale at all price levels.


The 19th Ammendment

Helen Frank ~ The 19th Amendment and Selected Works
Helen Frank’s first signed archival reproduction of her original oil-on-paper, is being offered in time to commemorate the Women’s March, January 21, 2017. In addition, several other works by Helen Frank are on display.


Kate Knapp In Winter ~ Inside and Out

Kate Knapp does not bank her artistic fires through the winter. Her new oils on canvasses glow with vibrant color. Subjects include still lives, winter and autumn landscapes.


Annual Memorial Day Weekend Open House
May 27-29, 10-5pm
Join us to celebrate our 21st year and browse new work by gallery artists Sarah Bird, Whitney Knapp Bowditch, William Hall, Heidi Palmer, and others.



Marilyn Bogdanffy ~ The Sea Around Us
June 23-July 5
Opening reception: June 24, 5-7 pm
Bogdanffy’s new oils reflect her fascination with the sea in its many dynamic manifestations.



Whitney Knapp Bowditch ~ Island Atmosphere
July 7-July 19
Opening reception: July 8, 5-7pm
Bowditch continues her exploration of color and tone in her newly enriched palette depicting favorite aspects of Block Island.



William T. Hall ~ Block Island Nautical Life and Historical Views
July 21-August 2
Opening reception: July 22, 5-7 pm
Hall’s watercolors of old draggers, ferry boats, and sailors bring us back to an earlier time in Block Island’s sea faring days.



Kate Knapp ~ New Images of Block Island
August 4-August 16
Opening reception: August 5, 5-7 pm
In her latest oils on canvas, Knapp finds new angles of vision in familiar Block Island scenes.



Peter Michael Gish ~ Recent Paintings
August 18 – September 8
Opening reception, August 19, 5-7 pm
Gish, at 91, always has something new and fresh to show us in his subtly layered oils depicting his love of nature, especially on Block Island.




Memorial Day Weekend Open HouseAnnual Memorial Weekend Open House
May 28th and 29th
Stop by and enjoy the fruits of gallery artists labors of the past year.  New work will be on display along with lemonade and cupcakes  (sans candles) to celebrate Jessie Edwards Studio’s  20 year birthday.  Browse our gallery’s latest finds and celebrate the beginning of our 20th.


Fred PoissonFred Poisson ~ Rhythms of Euphoria
June 23rd – July 7th
Opening reception: June 25th 5-7pm
One work from Poisson’s show of his newest watercolors was described as “limpid in its undulating opalescent waves.” In  these works we seem to float gently in the water. Come float with us and feel as if you,  too, are looking at the island landscape from a water’s view. Images no longer viewable on our site.


Whitney Knapp BowditchWhitney Knapp Bowditch ~ New Work 2016
July 8- July 20th
Opening reception: July 16th, 5-7pm *please note the reception is the weekend AFTER the show opens.
“Strong light and bold swathes of color” are descriptive of Knapp Bowditch’s exciting latest works. Painting in oil on paper and canvas of familiar island landscapes, Bowditch’s work is full of energy and exquisitely deft brush strokes.

July 22 – August 3rd
Opening reception: July 23rd 5 – 7pm
Now ninety, Gish continues to paint with timeless sensitivity to a beautiful world. With intense colors and subtley layered brush strokes, his new work includes views of the North Light, the Victorian Cottage on the bend of Spring Street, the Southeast Light and bluffs, still lifes and more.


Icon_Knapp_2016Kate Knapp ~ Recent Island Paintings • Inside and Out
August 5th – August 17th
Opening reception: August 6th 5-7pm
With vivid colors and vibrant brush strokes, Knapp’s new oils are a mix of island landscapes and interior scenes painted during a rainy spell in early spring. An interior of two chairs and a table in front of a window combines a cozy inside scene  with a view through the window of a field rolling down to the sea. Other works include favorite views of dinghies in the harbor and the simple lines of old houses seen in early morning and evening light.


August 19th through August 31st
Opening reception: August 20th 5-7pm
Painting on Block Island is not only about the forms of land, architecture and sea but also about that elusive fourth dimension of time.  It’s about the fusion of unique seconds of light, color and motion blended with the physical reality of the place.  That transcendant product remains with us forever.


Labor Day and BeyondAnnual Group Exhibit ~ Labor Day and Beyond
Stop by and visit us and browse the gallery’s collection. The season may be winding down but not the gallery or artists. The changing light, warmer waters and lessened crowds make an island visit a very inspired and beautiful time to be here.




Icy Grip
The icy grip of winter has not taken hold at Jessie Edwards Studio. There are no frozen waves and frosted surf in the seascapes of Gerard Blouin, Marilyn Bogdanffy Heidi Palmer, Elizabeth Pannell, and Fred Poisson. Offering a respite to the cold winter days, the light and motion of these paintings keep us warm.


Icon_MemorialDay_2015Annual Memorial Weekend Open House
May 23, 24, 25
Join us for the start of the summer 2015 season. We will be featuring new work by Gerard Blouin, Helen Frank, William Skardon, Kate Knapp, Heidi Palmer, Daniel Pollera, Whitney Knapp, William Sommerfeld and many other artists. Enjoy light refreshment throughout the weekend and an exciting array of work new to the gallery.


Taste of Block Island
May 29, 30, 31
The 7th annual Summer Taste of Block Island will showcase many different events and activities including refreshments served in the gallery throughout the weekend and offering 15% off selected items including all in stock reproductions (framed and unframed ) by Jessie Edwards.  Be sure to register at the Block Island Chamber office and check out online.


Jewelry Trunk Show
May 31, 10-12pm
Join us for our first trunk show at Jessie Edwards Gallery!  We’ve hand selected our favorite pieces from collections including Alice Roche, Giles & Brother,  Anais Joyas, and Meyelo for a Sunday shopping event sure to breathe new life into your jewelry box.   Complimentary mimosas and accessorizing advice available.


Icon_4x3_2015Four by 3
June 25th – July 7th
Opening Reception June 27th, 5-7pm
Showcasing the work of three inspired artists, each with four new paintings. Participating artists are Heidi Palmer and Stephan Haley, along with new to the gallery artist Cynthia Guild. The three very different styles will make for a very exciting presentation that shouldn’t be missed.

Icon_WKnapp_2015Whitney Knapp ~ Works on Paper
July 10th- July 22nd
Opening Reception July 11th, 5-7pm
Presenting a collection of charcoal and pastel drawings alongside vivid oil on paper, Whitney’s newest work captures the magical  beauty  of Block Island’s landscapes,buildings and seascapes.


Icon_Blouin_2015Gerard Blouin ~ Prevailing Landscapes • Distant Geology 
July 24th  – August 5th
Opening Reception July 25th, 5-7pm
“Painting is much more than mundane details or slick technique; it begs for poetry and a thread of history.”  Blouin’s thoughts on painting are beautifully shown in a collection of his new work.


Icon_Knapp_2015Kate Knapp ~ Selected Paintings 2015
August  7th – August 19th
Opening Reception August 8th, 5-7pm
Kate Knapp’s recent work exudes the feel of a carefree Block Island day.  Gazing at her paintings, you can just smell the salty air and feel the sand in your toes.


Bogdanffy_2015Marilyn Bogdanffy ~ Recent Work
August  21st- September 2nd
Opening Reception August 22nd  5-7pm
Local artist Marilyn Bogdanffy debuts new work inspired by the people, seasons, and daily life on the island she calls home.


icon_laborDay_2015Annual Group Exhibit ~ Inspired Images

September 4th – 5th
As the days get shorter and summer draws to a close we hope you’ll join us for refreshments and our annual group exhibit September 4th and 5th.



Taste of Block Island
September 25, 26, 27th
The 7th annual Summer Taste of Block Island will showcase many different events  and activities including refreshments served in the gallery throughout the weekend and offering 15% off selected items including all in stock reproductions (framed and unframed ) by Jessie Edwards.  Be sure to register at the Block Island Chamber office and check out online.


Icon_tis-Season_2015‘Tis Always the Season
Starting November 27
Art is always in season at the Jessie Edwards Studio on the second floor of the Post Office building. New works by a variety of gallery artists are on exhibit now and through the holiday season.  Together, they offer images that ease us through the transition from autumn to winter.



Icon_Wintry-Mix_2014Wintry Mix
A wintry mix of works in watercolor by Fred Poisson; oil by Peter Gish, Kate Knapp, and Gerard Blouin; and charcoal and pastel by Whitney Knapp.



Icon_MemorialDay_2014Memorial Weekend
May 24 & 25th
Join us for the start of the summer 2014 season. We will be featuring new work by Sandra Swan, C. Sperry Andrews, Heidi Palmer, Kate Knapp, Gerard Blouin, Gillian Stevens, Daniel Pollera, Helen Frank, and many other artists. Enjoy light refreshment throughout the weekend and  an exciting array of work new to the gallery.


Taste of Block Island
May 30th 31st, and June 1st
This is the fifth annual Taste of Block Island weekend  with many Island businesses participating including Jessie Edwards Studio. On exhibit and display will be new pre season offerings as well as light refreshment for the public and discounted pricing on some of our fine artists’ reproductions. Sign up for this event with the Block Island Chamber of Commerce.


Icon_Poisson_2014Fred Poisson ~ Country Work
June 26th-July 9th
Opening reception June 28th from 5 – 7pm
After a successful exhibit in China earlier this year, Poisson has returned to show his evocative watercolor work of his adopted island home. Images no longer viewable on our site.


Icon_WKnapp_2014Whitney Knapp ~ Block Islandscapes
July 17th-30th
Opening reception July 19th from 5 – 7pm
Whitney Knapp dances back and forth masterfully  between her pastel with charcoal drawings as well as her vividly textured oil paintings in  this season’s  stunning new work.


Icon_Knapp_2014Kate Knapp ~ Watercolor and Oil Paintings 2014
July 31st – August 13th
Opening reception August 2nd from 5 – 7pm
Kate Knapp ‘s latest work depicts island images with her use of long ribbons of intense color and jagged, spiky strokes making us see Block Island in a new and exciting way.


Icon_Gish_2014Peter Michael Gish ~ New Work 2014
August 14th through September 3rd
Opening Reception August 16th, 5 – 7pm
Gish’s newest work is alive with the power of nature in its many forms, expressing what he calls “the shock of seeing” – the frisson of heightened awareness and passing that on to the viewer.  Through his deft brushwork and eye for color, light, shadow, and texture, he does just that.  A must see exhibit.


Icon_Lingering-Light_2014Group Exhibit ~ Lingering Light
August 30th & 31st
Join us as we  have our final exhibit of the  summer season with a nod towards the changing light.



Art of AutumnAn Array of New Art for Autumn
The summer season at the Jessie Edwards Studio may have ended, but the gallery is still full of life with new works by gallery artists.






Memorial Day Weekend
May 24, 25th, 26th
Featuring new work by Heidi Palmer, Kate Knapp, Gerard Blouin, Gillian Stevens, Tjasa Owen, Daniel Pollera and other artists. Enjoy light refreshment throughout the weekend and  an exciting array of work new to the gallery.


Icon_Poisson_2013Lucent Water ~ Recent Paintings by Fred Poisson 
June 27th-July 10th
Opening reception June 29th from 5 – 7pm
This is our first time exhibit of emerging artist Poisson’s work and should not be missed. Images no longer viewable on our site.


C. Sperry Andrews III (1917 – 2005) ~ Remembering Times Past
July 12th-18th
Opening reception July 13th from 5 – 7pm
This is our second exhibit of Sperry Andrews work and promises to engage the viewer in Block Island landscapes from the past.


Icon_W_Knapp_2013Whitney Knapp ~ New Work
July 19th-31st
Opening reception July  20th from 5 – 7pm
Knapp continues to explore her pastel and charcoal drawings and textured oil paintings and now has also taken on the new medium of gouache very successfully.


Icon_Knapp_2013Kate Knapp ~ Studies in Light
August 1st-15th
Opening reception August 3rd from 5 – 7pm
The work of Kate Knapp is a burst of color, light, and positive energy.  She offers her new studies in both oil on canvas and watercolor.


Icon_Skardon_2013Selected Drawings and Paintings ~ William Skardon Revisited
August 16th-29th
Opening reception August 17th from 5 – 7pm
Cityscapes, landscapes, sports vignettes, and figurative paintings make up the rare works of this gifted artist.


Icon_LaborDay_2013Waves and Water ~ Group Exhibition

August 30th – September 14th




Icon_Thanksgiving_2013Thanksgiving Weekend Exhibit and Sale
November 22, 23, and 24th
The gallery will be open this weekend along with many other island businesses.  Come out for the day or the weekend. More information about the weekend is available at the Block Island Chamber of Commerce.






Thanksgiving Weekend Exhibit and Sale
November 23, 24, and 25th
The gallery will be open this weekend along with many other island boutiques and restaurants offering some amazing specials. Come out for the day or the weekend.  More information about the weekend is available at the Block Island Chamber of Commerce.


Columbus Day Open House
October 6th through 8th
To celebrate the transition from the summer to the autumn season we will be serving refreshments and offering beautiful art and unique gifts.
See work by Blouin, Gish, Knapp, Lang, Sommerfeld, Swan and many more.
Please stop by and join the festivities!


Peter M. Gish ~ New Work 2012
August 17th through September 16th
Opening Reception August 18th, 5 – 7pm
Painted over the past two years, these works reflect Gish’s fascination with light, color, texture, and form. They also show the infinite variety Gish perceives in some of his favorite subjects.


Recent Paintings by Kate Knapp
August 3rd through August 15th
Opening Reception August 4th, 5 – 7pm
These are my little epiphanies,” says Kate Knapp about the 20 works in oil on canvas in her new exhibit.  These small scenes were done quickly to capture an emotional response to an elusive moment. They are full of the texture and energetic brush stokes, dabs, swirls, and subtle layers of color that define Knapp’s art.

Block Island Landscapes ~ Whitney Knapp

July 20th through August 1st
Opening Reception July 21st, 5 – 7pm
New works in oil on canvas and in charcoal and pastel on paper.  Whitney Knapp’s pieces are meditations and celebrations of the natural world, from the tranquility of a field washed in sunlight to a dark, precipitous path to the sea, and to the turbulence of a roiling surf and crashing waves.


Helen Frank ~ Master Printmaker
June 23rd through July 1st
This remarkable American artist resides in northern New Jersey. Her artwork reflects her everyday observations. Frank’s images encompass her extensive travels as well as life at home and on Block Island with her family. A MUST SEE exhibition!


Taste of Block Island

June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
This is the fourth annual weekend event with many Island businesses participating including Jessie Edwards Studio. On exhibit and display will be new pre season offerings as well as light refreshment for the public and a special raffle drawing for all Taste Of Block Island participants. Sign up for this event.


Memorial Day Weekend

May 25th 26th, 27th, and 28th
Featuring New work by Gerard Blouin, Whitney Knapp, Kate Knapp, Heidi Palmer, and Tjasa Owen. Enjoy light refreshment throughout the weekend and enjoy an exciting array of work new to the gallery.