A Holiday Stroll 2021

New Paintings and a Variety of Objects d’Art During the Holiday Weekend

New work by gallery artists will be on exhibit at the Jessie Edwards Studio on the second floor of the Post Office building during the Holiday Stroll over the Thanksgiving Day weekend.  A common theme among the works of the featured artists is the variety of ocean views. The sea is depicted in different seasons, times of day, and from different places around the island.

Marilyn Bogdanffy’s oil on canvas “Sundown” is a view of the sea in black, grey, and white that emphasizes the fading light on the waves as darkness descends.  In contrast, Kate Knapp’s oil “Cooneymus Beach, Afternoon” is a view of the sun-dappled water along the rocky shoreline of the West Side.

“Seabreeze” by Tom Martinelli is a large work in oil and cold wax on canvas depicting the deep blue-black water streaked with a silvery surf under a large sky filled with thin layers of clouds moving across it.   Water is seen in the distance in Carrie Megan’s “A Brilliant Day,” while the foreground is dominated by a winding sandy path through green dune grass under an expanse of bright blue sky.

In “Spectrum,” an oil on panel by Whitney Knapp Bowditch, a powerful roller curls onto shore amidst a swirling foamy surf. In contrast, Heidi Palmer’s “Morning,” an oil on canvas, is a view of a calm blue sea seen through a window. A chair, a table with a bowl and a mug in the foreground emphasize the tranquility of the moment.

In addition to paintings, there are new ceramics, hand carved birds by Dick Marshall, an array of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces; candles, Shea butter soaps, and sculpture pieces of lobster, whales, fish, and birds handcrafted out of reclaimed steel drums.

The gallery will be open November 26 from 12:30-5pm, November 27 from 11-5pm and November 28 from 10-1pm .