Ben Anderson ~ Narragansett Bay Series

Ben Anderson brings to visual life his study of marine habitats in his “Narragansett Bay Series” at Jessie Edwards Gallery through May. Anderson was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to create work that visualizes how global warming may influence the aquatic sea life found in the bay and surrounding ocean. His glazed earthenware pieces reconnect us with the underwater world in our own backyard. Scallops, crabs, quahogs, fish, snails, and mussels are some of the sea creatures found in these utterly unique and enthralling creations. 

Using a blend of artistic and ceramic techniques, Ben Anderson has created  eight glazed earthenware seascapes of the Narragansett Bay each  one contained within an exquisitely  decorated platter. His visual and tactile portrayal focuses on the aquatic existence still found in the Bay and raises awareness of the fragility of our ecosystem in this current time. In the artists words “through this project, I hope to inspire people to appreciate and protect the natural world”