Carrie Megan ~ Dreams of Summer


Carrie Megan’s memory and imagination combine to create her recent work in oils, “Dreams of Summer,” on exhibit at the Jessie Edwards Studio on the second floor of the Post Office Building from August 13 to August 25.  The virtual reception will be released on August 14.

Emphasizing the summer season in her work was Megan’s way to get through a year of isolation during the Covid lockdown, she explained recently.   These pieces depict low horizons and large skies because she wanted to give viewers a sense of vastness and the possibility of moving forward and upward. All convey a sense of calm and serenity.  



For example, “Beach View” takes us on a sandy path to a deep blue sea under a large sky with clouds drifting by. “Beach Trail” is another path to the sea, this time suffused in soft pink tones falling across the path and the clouds that billow high in the sky.  “Warm Sands” and “Pink Clouds” have similar effects with their shades of warm pink, orange, and purple warming the pathways to the ocean. 

In contrast, in “A Brilliant Day,” a vivid clear blue sky dominates two thirds of the canvas with a bright white path filling the bottom third of the foreground. “Summer Days” makes similar use of bright white foreground though the blue sky above has bands of clouds floating by.  In two of her scenes, “Towards the Sea” and “On a Stroll,” Megan mixes cold wax with the oils to create texture and translucence.

In two other scenes, Megan includes a solitary structure.  In “Seaside Cottage,” sunlight reflects on a small white cottage set in a foreground of pale green. A thin, darker green line suggest the sea. Above, the vast sky is filled with clouds tinged in soft tones of pink.  In contrast, “Serene Shelter” is a more defined view of a white cottage with a red roof set in a field of green and overlooking what appears to be a stream meandering through the field.

The only work that depicts a definite place on Back Island is “North Light Mist.”  Again, a sandy path in the foreground leads to the North Light. The mist blurs the lines of the lighthouse, but its red roof is distinct against the misty clouds.

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