Land and Sea ~ Works by Three

New works in oil by three gallery artists are on exhibit in the gallery and online through December. There will be interviews with the artists posted on both social media (Instagram and Facebook @Jessie Edwards Gallery) and on our website.

Tom Martinelli mixes oil and cold wax to create a heavily textured surface. “Summer Morning” takes us back a few months to the bright light of a summer morning as the light falls on the foaming surf, bottle green water, and the streaks of clouds in a sky of various blues ranging from pale to cobalt hues. “Open Sea” is a darker work with light cast upon a highly textured surf in a dark sea under a cloudy sky. A pale orange streak on the surf suggests that light is coming from the unseen sun setting in the west. “Foggy Morning” is the largest work (38 x 38″) in varied tones of grey, green, and white in which sand, sea, and sky blur into one another.

Carrie Megan’s oil-on-canvas “Pastoral Serenity” brings us in to the expanse of a green field with a solitary white building in the left foreground. Three -quarters of the canvas is a pale blue sky billowing with clouds. A horizontal blue one across the canvas suggests hills in the distance. Two trees – dabs of magenta around the white building- catch the eye, as do small dashes of orange against the green field and bring vitality and color to the quiet landscape.

“Sheltering” is a small (10 x 10″) in oil and cold wax depicting a single white building in the right center of a green field in the foreground. The sky is filled with splotches of pink-tinged clouds, with the red roof of the shed set off against it. “Which Path” shows us two paths branching from a clearing in an ambiguous setting. Are they sandy paths through beach grass or are they cut into a field above a bluff? Neither the sky beyond or the dark purple and green shrubbery in the left center offer answers.

In contrast, the three small oils-on-panel by Sarah Bird are scenes of specific places rendered in muted tones and full of contrasting texture. “Afternoon Ferry” shows the ferry heading to the mainland on a grey sea under a grey sky. The dark stone wall and green spiky brush in the foreground are full of texture that gives way to the smooth green fields leading to the sea. “Dunn’s Bridge” is a view of the inner pond and the Sullivan House from the bridge. The Macgregor House sits on the rolling green hill top, while in the foreground, water shimmers and laps against wet sand and rocks along the shoreline.

Similarly, “Salt Pond” is a view of the pond seen across a stone wall and shrubbery in the foreground. Beyond the pond, the shoreline is a blur of dark grey dotted with houses in the distance. The pale blue and grey of the sky blends with the clouds.

The gallery is open for viewing by a limited number of people during hours posted on both social media and on the website A private viewing can be scheduled by calling (401)466-5314 or emailing