Peter Michael Gish 1926—2024

It is with sadness we announce that Peter Michael Gish died, aged 98, on March 3, 2024 in Providence RI.

The art world, along with his many friends and loving family, lost a very talented and interesting man with his passing. His family wrote a beautiful obituary, which can be found here, but I wanted to commemorate the person whom I knew as an artist and friend.

I can’t remember exactly when I first met Peter, maybe 30 years ago, but I do remember how. He was a regular visitor to the island and would stay at the Twin Maples, owned by the Swienton’s. He exhibited  his art work at the Ragged Sailor Gallery, an elegant space which was in the old Odd Fellows building on Water Street. I was immediately captivated by his work and was introduced to him via John Swienton owner of Twin Maples.  One day years ago Peter took me out painting, he was tasked with helping me through what felt like a dry period by painting en plein air, and while out painting asked me to show him how to create a monotype which was the technique of printmaking I was then using. I loved seeing through his eyes as he brought to life scenes both familiar to me as well as those less known. He was an engaging and broad minded man and conversation with him was always enjoyable and enlightening. That first meeting with him began a journey which would later develop a partnership with this gallery exhibiting his work beginning in 2008. He was an artist who knew exactly how he wanted a show hung and his vision was clear. His work in both oil and watercolor, which ranged from still life to landscape and also portraits, was a favorite among many of those visiting this gallery on Block Island.

Peter loved the island and this was intimately portrayed in his many works painted from here. I will miss our conversations and friendship terribly. His memory endures in the art and relationships he leaves behind.