September Selections 2023

Summer may have officially ended but September into October is the perfect time to visit Block Island and to stop by the Jessie Edwards Gallery to see our September Selections. They are on display now, in person, on the second floor of the iconic Post Office Building in Old Harbor.

This selection of nine works by well known artists represented at the Gallery cover an array of scenes which all evoke a sense of place.

In Heidi Palmers oil on canvas Favorite Memory” the place is a corner room with a chair positioned just so, inviting us to sit and watch the world go by. It feels like the viewer can walk right into that space, sit down and become part of the place. Or the viewer has just left the space and has turned around to view it one more time before moving on.

‘Ponds’, an oil on canvas by Elizabeth Pannell, is a beautifully rendered view of one of the many ponds on Block Island, this one the captivating foreground to New Harbor and the Great Salt Pond beyond. We are at peace in this place and soothed by its familiarity, wanting to stay awhile to watch the weather move across the sky and see what the day brings.

Whitney Knapp Bowditch reminds us how ingrained the bluffs are to our sense of place on the island in her oil on paper work “Afternoon, Black Rock”. The scene invites us to walk along this southern beach on this beautiful day, looking for treasures and breathing in the fresh air and salty brine which can almost be sensed coming from this painting.

‘Westside Sunset’ is a stunning oil on canvas painting by Kate Knapp. This quintessential scene of a backyard on Block Island has sweeping views down through fields to the ocean. It is a place of connection between structure and nature and welcomes us into it, to be part of it.

Tom Martinelli’s renderings of the sea capture the color, movement, and mood of the water. ‘Grey Horizons’, an oil and cold wax on canvas piece, is evocative of how brooding the ocean can be on many days of the year, especially when seen from this place 13 miles out to sea.

Please join us at the Gallery, either in person or online, and see all the beautiful works of art sharing space in a beautiful place on Block Island. You can find us on the second floor of the Post Office Building in Old Harbor. We are open just about every day from 11-4pm or by appointment. Contact us at 401-466-5314 or