Winter Settles In

A wintry mix of art in a variety of media by gallery artists is on display at the Jessie Edwards Studio on the second floor of the Post Office building.

Gerard Blouin’s watercolor is a scene of a house in a field of snow surrounded by trees. A column of smoke rises into a cloudy sky.

“Kandersteg #5,” an oil on board by Cynthia Guild, is a view of a stand of tall pine trees rising behind what appear to be roof lines in the foreground and merging into a white sky.

Stephen Haley’s “Long Shadows” is a diptych monoprint/drawing that also depicts a stand of trees. The trees cast long, slender shadows across the snow in the foreground.

Two oils on canvas by Kate Knapp are scenes of a valley in the Berkshires, where she lives. “First Snow in the Valley” is a view of a house and outbuildings seen across fields turning white as the snow falls from the cloudy sky. “Full Moon Valley” is a view of the same scene at night, with snow-covered fields and bare trees illuminated by an unseen full moon.

Heidi Palmer’s oil on canvas “Frozen” is a scene of a flat landscape covered in snow with a pale sun illuminating a light pink expanse of sky. Her oil on canvas “Tracks” is a near abstract scene suggesting tracks through trees obscured by swirling snow.

“Winter Walk,” an oil on paper by Whitney Knapp Bowditch is a view of footprints on a snowy path along the bluffs with a dark line of brush behind and the distant surf rolling in under a pale grey and blue sky.

“Sky Top,” an acrylic on canvas by James Kimack is a view of snow covered boulders with trunks of slender pine trees rising from them into a barely discernible sky.