Carrie Megan ~ Block Island Imaginings


Carrie Megan’s new works in oils and cold wax is a celebration of the summer light and the way in which it suffuses the island, especially in tones of peach and pink. The show will be up from August 12 to 24 with a virtual reception on August 13.

Also important in this body of work is an emphasis on the sky. In many of the works, the sky is the dominant element.  For Megan, the sky has a calming effect, as seen in “Pink Glow,” with a long stretch of sand in tones of pink that are reflected in the pinks of the vast cloudscapes above. The sky in “Over the Hill” has a similar effect but instead of a beach in the foreground,  there is a swath of green with a cluster of trees in the center.  The same tree forms can be seen in “Three Trees,” with trees in the center, ochre tones in the foreground and a cloudy sky above.



Two images of the North Light show the lighthouse from two different perspectives.

“Beacon” shows the lighthouse against a blue sky from the vantage point of the dunes beyond,   while “Light the Way” shows a path to  the lighthouse with its  red roof against a wide blue sky with clouds drifting above. Both combine oil with cold wax, a paste that loosens paint and gives it a translucent quality.

“Beach Days” again has peach and pink tones in a sand dune in the foreground with a large expanse of sky above whereas “Beach Coast” has more muted tones of green in the foreground. A sandy path leads to a beach under an enormous sky of grey and white.

“Summer Cottage” and “Summer Cottage II” are images of a cottage but with one on the right side, the other with the cottage on the left. In both, the emphasis is on the red roofs against the blue sky.

“Ephemeral Light” depicts the quickly changing nature of the sky and in “Looking Beyond,” our attention is drawn from a green field in the foreground to the low horizon and the cloudscape above.

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